Our Clients are The Foundation of Our Business. It STARTS with YOU! ©

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Cape Eastern Livestock


Our Clients are The Foundation of Our Business, It STARTS with YOU!

Serving the Producer and assuring a fair and competitive price on all Breeding and Slaughter Stock.

Through keeping abreast with Markets throughout the country we are able to Maintain Successful and viable marketing strategies  with better service to all of the Livestock Producers who Sell through Us.

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Farming with Beef Cattle

We can assist in the Marketing of your Weaners as well as Your Slaughter Stock,

Into Dairy Farming

Being our speciality we can assist with many aspects of the Dairy Industry ,  Navigate to About Us to Read More .........

Heifer Rearing  Beef or Dairy

Having an expert eye for Quality we can Assist in Heifer selections or procurement.  Navigate to our Contact Us and give us a Call.

We can even help you find Breeding Stock from all areas of South Africa.  >>

Drop us a line and experience our unique personalized service

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